gear and equipment

last updated 7 april 2021


backpack — self-explanatory. I personally prefer ones made of [real] leather, but get whatever you like that is comfortable to wear and holds all your stuff.

cowboy bedroll — if'n you want to be a rustic outdoorsy mountain man, this is your go-to. it's a tarp or canvas (which can be used as shelter or a sleeping bag) wrapped around your food and tools.

tent & a sleeping bag — can't go wrong with these, assuming you get ones light enough to hike with.

warm clothes & blankets — keep them in your car in case you break down somewhere cold.

pocket knife/multitool, toolbox, first aid kid, flashlight, fire extinguisher, jumper cables, portable air compressor, tire repair kit, ice scraper, de-icer — all self-explanatory.

car charger & physical maps — for when your phone fails.

car safety hammer — a tool that cuts seatbelts and breaks windows. it's to be used when you become trapped in your car, like in the event of an accident or if you drive into water. you'll probably never use it, but it doesnt hurt. you can buy a two pack on amazon for 10 dollars, so keep one in your car and the other in a backpack.

baseball bat + glove and baseballs — for beating someone's ass. put a tube sock over the end so if they try to grab your bat it'll slip right off. the ball and gloves is for deniability in case Johnny Law gets involved.


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