Security and privacy

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Reminder that if you're extremely tinfoil-hatty and you need the most secure, encrypted, decentralized services possible every time for everything you do, you are better off just destroying all of your tech devices because you cannot be 100% safe 100% of the time, especially not with technology. You need to accept that you'll never be completely anonymous.

always use a vpn when torrenting or using public Wi-Fi.

Avoid services based in the UK-USA or SSEUR.

avoid countries that have encryption key disclosure laws. this means that in the event of a criminal investigation, a service must hand over encryption keys in order for law enforcement to retrieve data.

Avoid big congolomerates as much as possible. This includes their products, services, and subsidiaries.



Password managers

If you're really paranoid, you shouldn't use a password manager. If that isn't an issue, here's these:

Avoid LastPass. It has experienced numerous security breaches.