Terry Bogard is the protagonist of Fatal Fury and a playable character in King of Fighters. He is often treated like a mascot, and is the most likely to recieve cameos in other properties to represent SNK (the developers of Fatal Fury and KOF).

Terry is a charismatic, friendly, and all around good-hearted person. He has a very energetic fighting style, using many moves that involve jumping and flipping. He is also adaptable, a trait he earned while spending his childhood on the streets as an orphan.

My Terry headcanons!

I think he has ADHD! (hyperactive type) He fidgets a lot in Smash in particular (adjusting his hat, jumping in place, etc). He also likes to hide his eyes with his hat - eye contact is something most people with ADHD struggle with. This evidence isn't very strong and I'm obviously projecting but I'm still right lol

He's really into rave culture! There's no real reason for this, I just like the idea of it lol. Let the man plurr. I wanna do ecstasy with him.

Speaking of ecstasy, he probably uses a lot of stimulants.