Hey. My name is SNAKE VORAIRE and I'm destined to develop paranoid schizophrenia from living isolated in the Appalachian mountains.

I'm a 21-year-old Appal-Asian outdoorsman who also happens to have an education in infotech (which I dont use beyond my stupid, useless hobbies).

I am also a semi-successful artist, although most of my success is in 18+ communities.

Stuff I like/am interested in

  • the outdoors, hiking, mountains
  • dead pedophiles and zoophiles
  • video games, cartoons, and movies (especially older ones)
  • crime, death, and adjacent topics
  • unsolved mysteries, spritualism, and cryptozoology
  • tech (both software and hardware), infosec, warez
  • music (i like everything, but especially bluegrass, country, edm/breakcore/speedcore/gabber/etc, j-punk, and classic rock)